Thank You for your prayers!

I am the living embodiment of the old phrase, “Adding insult to injury!”

For those who might not know, I fell in my yard recently and ended up with a series of micro-fractures to my upper humerus (which is NOT at all humorous!). I will be wearing a stylish, black sling until Thanksgiving at which point we will assess any lingering damage, see about physical therapy, etc.

While I was quick to blame my MS, the ER doctor reassured me that ‘anyone with feet risks a fall’, but still……

However, there really is so much to be grateful for as it was my right arm, and I am left handed, I fell on soft ground and not concrete and the leaves and sticks in my hair was, according to my lovely husband, a ‘good look’!

I appreciate everyone’s prayers as my mood remains optimistic (for the most part) and I regularly remind myself that if Jesus endured the cross for me, I can endure this.

Thank you all, again and I’ll keep you posted as best as I can.

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