Our Lady’s Honor Guard

What is Our Lady’s Honor Guard?

Our Lady’s Honor Guard is a challenging, inspiring program for Catholic teens who wish to encourage each other and grow in their Faith.

What do I need to start the program?

All you need is the Our Lady’s Honor Guard manual and a desire to explore your Catholic faith more deeply. You can ask your friends to join you for encouragement, support, or just plain fun! Prepare to be challenged, inspired, and rewarded!

How long does it take to complete the program?

Since the program is flexible according to your needs, you can complete it at your own pace. The program could take several years or a few months, depending on how often you work on it and how diligent you are. Remember that the Catholic faith is a deep well and the more you drink from that well, the deeper and more satisfying the water becomes. Take your time and enjoy the program with all it has to offer!

What does the program cover?

There are four areas of concentration that the program covers at present. Modules in the concentrations may be added in the future.


– Vocations

– Information Media

– Environment

– Social Justice


– Love of Mary

– Love of the Pope

– Love of Scripture

– Love of the Eucharist

– Heart of a Saint/Martyr

– Heart of a Pilgrim

– Heart of a Missionary

– Heart of an Apologist

– Heart of a Historian


– Historian

– Parish Life

– School Life

– Philanthropic Work


– Skills in Housekeeping

– Skills in the Garden

– Skills in the Kitchen

– Skills with Children

– Skills with Animals

– Skills with Free Time

– Skills with First Aid

– Skills with the Tool Box