Help Us Get to the Eucharistic Congress!


We are so excited about the upcoming Eucharistic Congress is coming July 17-21!
If you go to the website you can even check out the countdown –
Little Flowers Girls’ Clubs® are just over 30 years old now with thousands of families being
positively impacted, including your own. We are looking forward to impacting thousands more
by being at the Congress as an Exhibitor.
As you know, we have always been a family owned shop. Friends from the start, Joan and I are
raising 21 children between us and each of us have been promoted to grandmothers. Little
Flowers, Blue Knights and the entire Behold Publications product line has always been a labor
of love from our family to yours.
May we have your help to get to Indianapolis for the Congress as it exceeds our small budget?
We know from our 30 years as the only Catholic to the Core clubs that we had a huge impact on
families and schools.
We are hoping you are able to help us get the $5,500 necessary to cover the exhibitor fees,
traveling and housing.
Every amount will help. CLICK HERE TO DONATE!
Everyone who donates and submits their address will receive a “Thank You” note from Rachel
Those able to give at least $100 will be given a copy of “Search for the Madonna” (a fun,
Catholic historical mystery) as a Thank You.
Let us know your own prayer intentions and we will take them to every Mass we attend and
include them in every Rosary we say during the Congress.
As parents, we know all about budgets and are so grateful for anything you can do to help us
spread the word.
Are you going? Please find us and let us thank you in person! Make sure to donate to get us to the Eucharistic Congress!
Donate here!

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