Hospitality Club

Catholic Charm School for Young Ladies!

Ever wished that we could raise our daughters with grace and poise? This is just the program to help you do just that! The programs aims to teach young ladies the various aspects of the virtue of hosphospitality through monthly skills practiced over a two year period. Year One covers such skills as cooking, cleaning, setting and clearing a table, manners and conversation, writing correspondence, sewing and dressing modestly, putting on a tea party and hosting a book club.

Year Two covers laundry, care for the elderly, personal cleanliness, tradition, art and beauty, interior decorating, public speaking, gardening and friendship.

Using scripture, literature, skill practice, and field trip suggestions, this programs weaves its Catholic identity throughout. Watch your girls become confident and gracious hostesses.  Filled with wonderful stories, heroes, saints and practical skills that will enrich the lives of the Little Women in your life!

As the girls earn new skills, they can add lovely charms to a charm bracelet making this “charm” school one they will cherish for years to come!


Program written by Anne Milligan Callagan