Authentic Leadership Track

Understanding Authentic Catholic Leadership

For Adult Mentors and Leaders

Because Christ is the leader of our hearts, minds and souls, the first rule of good leadership can be summed up in his own words, “the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve and give his life for many.” In other words, a true leader recognizes that they are called to be servants first and foremost. This is contrary to much of what the world teaches and shows us. Therefore, a Little Flower leader will have to learn service in order to learn leadership.

Because Little Flowers Girls’ Club® teaches virtues, the whole program puts in place a strong foundation of stepping stones that can be used to build leadership effectively. By practicing and teaching virtues, beginning with love and moving through responsibility, honesty, diligence and more, we are laying the groundwork for leadership.

One of the intents of Little Flowers Girls’ Club® program is to form girls to become strong, authentic Catholic women and leaders for the next generation. Now, through this Authentic Leadership program, girls and their mentors have a step by step guide taking the virtue training of Little Flowers Girls’ Club® in a structured, age-appropriate, recognition-based form designed to develop our young ladies to be those leaders the world so desperately needs. These servant leadership qualities begin with the girls’ behaviors, then reach out to their families, the local parish, their town, diocese, county, state, country and the world knowing that with each outward reach, they are actually reaching for a touch of heaven itself.

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