Prayer for Little Flowers Girls

Did you know we do a monthly Zoom meeeting? We just got done with our August meeting which we called a “Deep Dive Into Wreath One”. Joan and I covered the basics of meetings, what is a wreath, introduction to the virtues, saints, etc.

We were joined by Moms from California, Massachusetts, Indiana, Ohio and CANADA!! It was really nice and I hope the Moms were glad they spent the hour-ish with us.

At the end of meeting, I shared our prayer entitled “Prayer for Little Flower Girls”. Joan and I composed this prayer leaning heavily on the poetry of St. Therese herself. Feel free to share this with your LF’s and consider adding it to your meetings.

Dear Jesus,

I thank you for the gift you have given me through my faith and my family.

Please remain my sweet support, come reign in my heart and give me your smile – just for today!

At each beat of my heart let me renew this offering to you an infinite number of times, until the shadows have disappeared, I may be able to tell you of my love in eternity.

It is my joy to love you, Jesus, so, please continue to guide my little boat over the stormy seas in peace.

Through the intercession of our Blessed Mother, Mary and our patroness, St. Therese we pray, Amen.

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