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A recent discussion on our Little Flowers Girls’ Club Facebook page was about groups needing insurance to operate. Unlike other organizations like Girl Scouts or American Heritage Girls, Little Flowers is not a national organization that you need to have a charter, chartering fee, or individual girl registration. The materials are there to use as suits your group best. This can look different ways in different situations.

In a parish or school, the program would be considered a ministry of the parish like a Bible study, youth group or Vacation Bible School. That would mean that you would be covered under your parish’s or school’s insurance and be able to use their tax exempt status to purchase items or receive donations. You would also need the leaders to follow any parameters set by your diocese, parish or school to comply with child protection training in place.

In a private home situation, your home insurance would typically cover any meetings at your home. You may still ask for donations, but your donors would need to know that the donations would not be tax exempt. You could apply to the IRS for tax exemption under an association, but it does take time, people who are willing to keep books, file the tax forms on a yearly basis and keep consistent records.

In a homeschool group setting, your group may have a different look altogether. Back when I first started homeschooling 25+ years ago, we were frequently looked upon with suspicion and confusion! Now, our homeschool group is a ministry of our diocese and covered under their insurance. Our homeschool group has its own tax-exempt status. I realize not all homeschool groups have the same advantages, but many more across the country are striving for that. It is becoming more of a viable option and perhaps one that your homeschool group could look into. If your group is not quite to this point, you should still be covered under private home insurance and you can still accept donations, although they would not be tax exempt.

As always, if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email ([email protected]) or call (afternoon is best) toll free: 1-866-305-8362.

God bless you in your work for His work!

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