Feast of St. Agnes


Our patron for Love of God, Agnes is perfectly pink peony whose only desire was to follow Jesus. Tradition holds that she was a mere teenager, 12 or 13 y.o., when she was martyred for refusing to be married. This is hard for us modern Moms to handle as we know our 12 yr. olds are in no way ready for consistency with their chores and homework much less marriage.

And while we know things were done differently back then, Agnes love for God can teach us so much especially as we know Christians are dying today because they follow Jesus.

In Rome today, two lambs will given to the Pope at Mass whose fleece will be used to create the pallium’s given to archbishops as an outward sign of their commitment to Christ. There is a good deal of history behind the pallium you can read over at the Catholic Encyclopedia

But for us, today is good day to renew our own love for God, alone and with our families and our clubs. While we all KNOW we love God, making sure we say it out loud once in a while (outside of the Mass) is a nice boost to our spirits and our souls.

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