What are you thankful for? I have such a long list!


There is much to be thankful here at the Wonderful World of Watkins. Since I’ve last been able to post, our life has been full of much to celebrate.  Good friends and family members had babies and my sister and a best friend even got their first grandbabies.

We’ve even had a few minor miracles including the news of a healthy baby for one of our co-op families when there were worries of the opposite, and medical tests that came back with good news for a different family.

Most importantly, we were given the gift a major miracle when a daughter walked away from a car accident which the state trooper said she shouldn’t have. No one was injured and the only car lost was her own. With mere bruises and stiffness, she has learned a difficult lesson. Our prayers of praise and thanksgiving to God for His gracious blessing on her behalf continue each day.

On a much lighter note, my daughter Kathleen and her entire NET Team will be having Thanksgiving at my home! This will be an extra 10 mouths in addition to my own large family but I wouldn’t want it any other way.

There is also you, your families, your teams and all you are doing in the garden to raise the next generation of saints one virtue at a time! Many thanks for all of you.

Be assured of our prayers this Thanksgiving! As you go around your table listing what you are thankful know that I’ll be doing the same and thinking of you and your families.

(On a much more serious note: Please be sure to talk – one more time, to even your most stubborn children – about the real dangers of distracted driving.)



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