Growing Up in a House Where Virtue Lives

Real girls exercising virtue in real life

Many of you are probably familiar with the Wreath I Virtue Stories. It contains nine short stories, one for each virtue in Wreath I, exemplifying how that virtue can be lived, learned, and nurtured through everyday interactions. What you may not realize is that all of those stories are based on real events. My mom, Joan Stromberg, wrote those stories, and as the oldest child I remember many of them myself. Sometimes she alters names or the exact sequence of events, but the basic stories really happened. Growing up in a house with ten kids provided many opportunities to practice virtue, and I was blessed to be surrounded by parents and siblings who nurtured and exemplified those virtues.

What’s better than virtue stories? More virtue stories!

If you do know and love those stories, I have great news for you. Wreath II Virtue Stories are finally here! Now there are nine more short, beautiful little tales written by my mom, showing how young girls can (and do) live lives of virtue in the ways they interact with their friends, family, and everyone else that is part of their daily lives. This time, the book is illustrated by the incredibly talented Michelle Mahnke, who also illustrates all the Little Flowers Student Guides. Get your copy now and inspire your girls to live virtuously!

Share your stories of virtue

Do you have inspiring tales of how your Little Flower, Blue Knight, or other Catholic club member has exemplified virtue? Share it with us! We love hearing about how these programs help kids (and their parents) grow in holiness. Get involved with our Facebook page, Instagram, or comment below to share your virtue stories too.

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