Be A Lot Cooler if You Did…

I have been asked if a Mom can run a Blue Knights Club; and of course I answer “Yes.”  But as Matthew McConaughey said in the 1993 movie Dazed and Confused; it would be better if it was run by a Dad. In ancient Israel, it was the father’s duty to ensure the faith was handed on to the next generation.  The Boo k of Isaiah tells us that:  

Fathers declare to their sons O God, thy faithfulness (38:19 )

Most boys will have female teachers in grade school and female teachers in Religious Education classes in the parish.  They can be excused for thinking that all of this is not important to the menfolk.  Sadly, that is often the case; so that the moms are stepping into the void.

There is nothing masculine about playing golf while the wife and kids are at Mass.  The Church Fathers who endured torture and imprisonment to keep the faith alive in the Roman empire certainly understood Christianity as rugged adventure.  It is time to for Catholic men to embrace that view again.

Boys learn to be men by watching what Dad does- what are you modeling to your kids?

Learn more about Blue Knights Boys’ Club or how to start one here:

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