5. You shall not kill.

7. You shall not steal.

The Ten Commandments, CCC

Quiz on Abel

1. Who were Abel’s parents?

a. Adam and Eve

b. Mary and Joseph

c. Abel was the first man created so he had no parents

d. the King and Queen of India

2. Who was Abel’s brother?

a.St. Benedict

b. Levi

c. Noah

d. Cain

St. Oswin Unknown [Public Domain] by Wikimedia Commons

3. What did Abel offer as a sacrifice to God?

a. the sickest sheep in his flock

b. the best lambs of his flock

c. his brand new television

d. bread and wine

4. Was God pleased with Abel’s sacrifice?

a. Yes

b. No

Bonus: What book of the bible tells Cain and Abel’s story?

a. Psalms

b. Genesis

c. Habakkuk

d. Gospel of John

Prayer for the Dead

Eternal rest grant unto them oh Lord and may all the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. Amen


[St. Oswin] was generous to high and low alike and soon won the affection of all by his kingly qualities of mind and body, so that even men of very high birth came from nearly every province to his service.

the Venerable Bede

Quiz Answers: q :snuoq ,ɐ  4 ,q 3 ,p 2 ,ɐ 1