Marriage is an act of will that signifies and involves a mutual gift, which unites the spouses and binds them to their eventual souls, with whom they make up a sole family – a domestic church.

- Bl. John Paul II

Quiz on St. Nicholas of Flüe

St. Nicholas of Flue by Unknown [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

1. Where was St. Nicholas born?

a. Portugal

b. South Africa

c. Switzerland

d. Holland

2. How many children did St. Nicholas have?

a. 13

b. 2

c. 10

d. none

3. How old was St. Nicholas when he became a hermit?

a. 46

b. 17

c. 50

d. 72

When did St. Nicholas die?

a. 500

b. 2003

c. 1487

d. 1417

Prayer to St. Marcellus

Glorious St Marcellus, bishop and martyr, we pray for all Christians who suffer for their faith, show them the glories of your Kingdom. Amen.

Each state of life has its special duties; by their accomplishments one may find happiness.

– St. Nicholas of Flüe

Quiz Answers: ɐ :snuoq ,ɔ4 ,ɔ3 ,ɔ2 ,ɔ1