It would be easier for the world to survive without the sun than to do without Holy Mass.

- St. Padre Pio

Quiz on Blessed Bertrand of Garrigues

1. Who did St. Bertrand preach and work with?

a. Dominic

b. Mother Cabrini

c. St. Francis of Assisi

d. St. Thérèse of Lisieux

2. What heresy did Bl. Bertrand fight against?

a. the Renaissance

b. Albigensianism

c. Nestorianism

d. Gnosticism

3. Which religious Order did Bl. Bertrand help found?

a. Order of Friar Preachers

b. Society of Jesus

c. The Brown Monks

d. Servants of the Immaculate Heart

4. When did Bl. Bertrand die?

a. 1915

b. 1230

c. 1412

d. 709

Bonus: Which Pope beatified Bl. Bertrand

a. Pope Leo XIII

b. Pope Francis

c. Pope Linus IV

d. Pope John XXIII

St. Edmund Campion

St. Edmund Campion

Prayer to St. Edmund Campion

Saint Edmund Campion, martyr for the Church, obtain for us, but especially for the Church’s bishops and priests, such obedient loyalty to the Vicar of Christ that like you, they will not be afraid to proclaim the truth and like you, they will be willing to shed their blood for Jesus Christ. Amen.






I am a Catholic man and a priest; in that Faith I have lived, and in that Faith do I intend to die. If you esteem my Religion treason, then I am guilty; as for the other treason, I never committed any, God is my judge.

– St. Edmund Campion

Quiz Answers: ɐ :snuoq ,q4 ,ɐ3 ,q2 ,ɐ1

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