We must speak to people with our hands by giving, before we try to speak to them with our lips.

– St. Peter Claver

St. Peter Claver Quiz

St. Peter Claver

St. Peter Claver

(All questions are based on information given in the biography in your Blue Knight’s Member’s Guide except for the Bonus Question. Answers are at the bottom of the page.)

1. Where was St. Peter born?

a. Spain

b. Italy

c. Libya

d. Argentina

2. Who did St. Peter minister to?

a. Single Mothers

b. Performers

c. Slaves

d. Orphans

3. How did St. Peter spend his final years?

a. With his family in Spain

b. Teaching in Rome

c. In solitude

d. Visiting the slaves he had baptized

4. When was St. Peter canonized?

a. 1896

b. 1724

c. 509

d. 1888

Bonus: Who first inspired St. Peter to do missionary work?

a. Jesus spoke to him in a dream

b. St. Alphonsus Rodriguez

c. His Mother

d. Bl. Pier Giorgio Frassati

Prayer to St. Peter Claver

Dear Saint of our modern times, you were permeated with compassion for the oppressed, for human beings sold as slaves and treated as expendable beasts. While alleviating their natural ills, you also took away their spiritual ills, and taught them the surpassing knowledge of Christ. Inspire many of our contemporaries to become self-sacrificing missionaries like you. Amen.

Quiz Answers: q :snuoq ,p4 ,ɔ3 ,ɔ2 , ɐ1

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