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Under this section you’ll find bonus information for each lesson by wreath. Your boys can explore these pages on their own or you can use the material there in your meetings. Each page includes:

A quote about the lesson

A quiz about the patron saint.

  1. All of the questions except for the bonus question are based on the biographies found in the member’s guide. Answers can be found at the bottom of each page so your boys can easily quiz themselves.
  2. Activity Idea: take the information from all the quizzes to make a jeopardy style game for the boys to play when they complete each wreath.

An intercessory prayer to the patron saint

A quote from or about the patron saint

External Resources.

  1. These includes books, CDs, YouTube videos and other materials about the patron saint.
  2. Your boys can use these personally at home
  3. Activity Idea: You can show the YouTube videos during your meetings


The pages explain prayers of the Church such as the rosary, the Divine Chaplet of Mercy, a novena to St. Joseph, the patron of Blue Knights and other prayers in simple terms that your boys can understand easily. It explains that prayer is, above all, direct communication with God – a simple conversation between friends. You can let your boys use these pages on their own or use them to help explain prayers to your boys in your meetings. There are also links to CDs that you might like to use in your homes or in your clubs to aid you in praying the rosary with your boys.