We talked about modesty and hygiene and then did make-overs for the girls, including hair, nails and make up. We asked the girls to bring a favorite dress or outfit. At the end, we did our own fashion show for the other clubs that were meeting at the same time: Little Flowers/Blue Knights/Honor Guard and their moms. The girls all picked a patron saint to “sponsor” their walk across the stage. Make sure you check with the moms about the nail polish and make up. Each family has its own boundaries and we need to respect that. If a family has a boundary you didn’t realize, just scale back your make-over. Girls are beautiful always and most young girls don’t need make-up to make them beautiful.

Remember to emphasize that the beauty must come from within. They are beautiful because their soul reflects the awesome beauty of God, rather than what they actually look like on the outside. Their goal is to attract others for Christ, not for their own vanity.

If you haven’t done Year 1 yet, look at the Sewing and Modesty lesson for a movie clip of a Pure Fashion fashion show located in the Year 1 resources on this website.

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