Although this lesson is about care of the elderly, it is also about all those who have come before us. I found this lesson to be extremely pro-life in that it takes the elderly and those who have come before us and makes them real for the girls. We played the suggested game where they take an item that the leader has brought and try to figure out the story behind it. I added the touch of putting each item in a gift bag, so they were “presents” the girls unwrapped and then made a story out of the item.

We also took a photo album from the 1800’s where all the names of the people were a mystery (I found it on ebay) and then took turns choosing a picture and making up a story about the person in the picture. Whole families were invented and personalities were created to fit the people in the photos. I think it helped bring them to life for the girls and see how human nature is consistent and what is truly important in people’s lives don’t really change.

There are a number of book and movie recommendations for this lesson:

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Awesome movie with John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara:

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