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There are as many different printed copies of Little Women as there are people who love the story! You can get large print, classic print, combined with other Louisa May Alcott stories prints, abridged, expanded, etc. The original story was printed in a periodical, so the audience actually had to wait month by month to see what happened to Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy. Alcott herself, actually changed the story in response to her reader's reactions to the characters. Alcott was a single woman who made her living through her writing, much like her protagonist, Jo. She didn't plan to have Jo marry Professor Baer, but her fans wanted Jo to marry, so she did.

This is a more recent version of the book which brings out a lot more of Louisa May Alcott's views on education and the role of women in New England in the 1800's and beyond. I prefer the 1949 version, mostly because I like the cast better. This one is more cinematically appealing and modern.

This is my favorite version of the movie because it was the first one I ever saw. Plus, it has a very young Elizabeth Taylor, Maureen O'Brien and such great acting and quotable lines.

The screenplay for this version is almost exactly that of the 1949 version, but believe it or not, Katherine Hepburn makes a terrible Jo March! I prefer the cast of the 1949 version.

This is a TV mini-series done several years ago starring Susan Dey (Laurie from the Partridge Family for you all old enough to remember) as Jo March. For a TV movie, it isn't bad. It goes into more details that were in the books, which was helpful. We've used parts of this for different Hospitality lessons since some scenes are included in this mini-series that are not in the other films.

Here is a great documentary on Louisa May Alcott: